6 Things That Make Pivotboard the Greatest Sport

Pivotboard is the Best Sport in the World

There’s absolutely no denying this. It must be true, I’ve spent 22 years doing it so far.

I’ve gone through times in my life where I didn’t skate as much, and it truly just felt like something was missing to me. Nothing ever feels the same, or is as much fun (and sometimes frustration) to me.

When I ride a pivotboard, it feels like no other board ever, it’s simply amazing to me. Here are the 6 things that I think make pivotboard the greatest sport in the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love to skateboard, and BMX, too, but the pivotboard, is my axe of choice, and into infinity and beyond I must go with it.

This article is in no way meant to be a comparison to any other sport, as all sports are completely different.

These are just the things I love about pivotboard, that I feel are unique to it, that give it a feeling of thunder flavored coffee in the morning.

Thor himself uses his hammer to provide a lightning flash for the camera when I’m killing it on my pivotboard.

So let’s get on with the amazingly awesome and devilishly good things we can do on a  pivotboard.

Locking Into Grinds

On a pivotboard you can get onto a long rail and get totally LOCKED INTO a grind.

It literally feels like you could grind that rail back to the future, if it was possible to get to 88 miles an hour to do so.

Getting a grind locked in and perfect, feels amazing.

Whilst I’m sure other sports you can sort of lock in, but the bindings make it feel that much better to me. It feels SICK to lock in and sit on a grind, drink a coffee, beer, smoke a cigarette, eat a sandwich (whatever tickles your fancy), then just roll out like a king.

Switching between Grinds or Stalls

Switching between grinds and stalls is a huge part of pivotboard skating. There are no other sports out there, that you can switch so freely from one grind or stall, to another.

Lip tricks are infinitely technical, with spins, turns, and reverts thrown into the mix. Spinning or even flipping into grinds, only to spin or sap to another stall or grind.

Even grinding one obstacle, and spin or jump to another, and do a different grind altogether.

Again, I know that other sports can do this, but it is a major part of our sport, and it’s AWESOME!

There feels like there are literally INFINITE POSSIBILITIES within this realm of our amazing fun sport.

Okay, so come on people, you’re definitely liars if you haven’t at least 50 times in your life ‘finger skated’ to demonstrate your new trick to yourself to figure it out, or to your friends to explain it.

Oh yeah, the other one I do, is ‘ghost skating’, where you look like you’re at dance practice at the train or the bus station. Switching and spinning from foot-to-foot, figuring out new moves.

Even ‘stalling’ on imaginary (or even real) kerbs, trying to figure out the balance points.

Switching is Tech Imagine Land – The Movie, part II, and we’re waiting for the prequels to be released.

Go Big or Go Home

You only have to watch a pivotboard skater ride a small launch ramp to understand that we can go big. Just a simple little jump ramp, and SOOO many tricks are possible on these boards.

We used to have high-jump competitions at world championships… …they were SCARY!

On a pivotboard, you can FLY, and it feels FUCKING AMAZING, especially when combined with…

Tweaking Grabs

Having bindings on our board, means you can get so tweaked out on stuff, it’s almost MUTATED.

Still to this day, I love pushing a tweaked out grab as far as I have time to do it, and when you get that tweak fully clicked in, it feels like the gods of skate just blessed you with a dream come true.

No other sport has this great feeling to me.


Rodeos, Misty Flips, Corkscrews, backflips and barrel rolls, having bindings makes all these things possible.

Thank you pivotboard, flipping is amazing!


Are we saying no other sports have spins?

NO STUPID! IT’s just cool to have bindings, and be able to spin into and out of grinds, spinning big over jumps, and spinning off of drops, etc.

Spin to win!

Now… …combine spins with going big and a tweaked grab… ooooh… …that’s a skate-sandwich Subway are slobbering at the mouth to get their hands on.

The skate gods literally sing in melodic unison, and cry silver tears of mercy when it happens, and all is well with the world.

It’s a miracle, may pivotboard be upon you my son.

Forever and ever, Skate.


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