How to Pivotboard Video

How to Pivotboard Video Tutorial

When you first pick up a pivotboard, it can be a little frustrating to get moving on. Like anything you have to learn, it seems strange at first. This How to Pivotboard video will definitely help.  It’s tricky, but a lot of fun. Once you can ride a streetboard, it becomes instinctive very quickly.

How to Pivotboard / Streetboard Video

This how to video should make things a lot easier for you to get started.

When I first started out, it took me a few days to get moving, and almost a week before I felt confident on a board. Back then, there wasn’t anyone to teach us, and the internet didn’t exist, so at least you have us here to help you out.

How to ride a streetboard

If you’re first starting out on a streetboard or pivotboard at this point, the important thing is DON’T WORRY! All of us had exactly the same frustrations when first trying to ride. This board is tricky to get moving to begin with, but becomes second nature once you know the motion for movement.

There are three methods shown in this video, the ‘two part method’, the ‘one-foot method’, and the ‘lock n’ roll method’.

Simply put, almost everything you ever try takes a little learning. For instance, if you can ride a bike, or drive a car, or play an instrument, you didn’t just pick it up and do THAT right away, either.

How to Pivotboard Video

I’ve put together this short video, to show you first of all that it’s possible to do, and secondly, to give you the first instructional steps of the basic movement, in a few different methods of learning. People learn differently, so try each method, to see which one works out best for you.

Remember, don’t quit, it’s just a matter of learning a new motion, and once it works, you’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll learn, and just how addictive this sport is!

streetboard and how to pivotboard learning methods

The One-Foot Method

Every single pro streetboarder, had to start somewhere, and once you’ve learned, you should try to teach and get as many people as you can, to ride this awesome board.

Within a short while, you’ll be able to do 180’s, 360’s, grabs, grinds and stalls. Cruising and carving at speed is an amazing feeling, too!

We’re gonna have a ton of instructional videos to get you going.


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