Moosh Streetboard delves into the Rider’s Minds

Moosh Streetboard’s ‘WHY’ Series

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 7 years, I’m sure you’re an avid user of Instagram. If you’re anything like myself, I’m sure you follow all the #pivotboard, #snakeboard, and #streetboard users you can find.

Quit often, it seems there’s a lot of the same content being shared and re-shared by quite a lot of accounts.

Not that this isn’t awesome, because we get to  see a lot more of our favorite riders doing amazing tricks, but seeing original content is SO refreshing.

A week or so ago, Moosh Streetboard (@mooshstreetboard) started an awesome series of images showing quotes from different riders describing their reasons for skating a pivotboard.

The series is called ‘WHY’, and I can’t get enough of it.

Moosh Streetboard Instagram - WHY - Diego Romero

Diego Romero

The above is an insight into what drives Diego Romero, one of my favorite riders. Formerly from Buenos Aires, Argentina, now living in Brazil, Diego owns his own media company. When he’s not behind the camera lens, he’s killing it on a board.

I admire the simplicity of the concept, it’s one of those you wish you’d thought of yourself. Each image shows the rider in their favorite environment, with a quote as to why they ride.

Moosh Streetboard Instagram - WHY - Brinton Gundersen

Brinton Gundersen

Whilst Sergi Nicolas my have won more World Streetboard Championships than anyone else, nobody has quite been such a dominating force of innovative change, than Brinton Gundersen.

Having skated against him in many of those contests, I must say he is yet to be matched in changing the boundaries of the sport. Most notable thing I remember, was the first ever frontside rodeo 900 in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2001. Brinton did it higher than I’ve ever seen anybody do them ever since.

Inspirational Insights

As inspirational, as it is insightful, this image series by Moosh Streetboard shows each rider as we don’t often see them. A glimpse into what makes them as human as you are, and looking into the realm of what drives and motivates them.

Whilst you may not affiliate your own reasons for riding with each and every one, the similarities in some, is extremely motivating, and enjoyable to see.

Moosh Streetboard Instagram - WHY - Andy Kombe

Andy Kombe

I found myself looking forward to the Instagram feed each day, as Moosh Streetboard didn’t just choose the same old riders that everyone always interviews.

Instead, there is  much more of a spread of riders from different backgrounds, making it all the more intreaguing.

Reading the captions on the images lead me to find an affinity with the riders I hadn’t met, but share a reason for riding with.

Moosh Streetboard - WHY - Jonni Webster

Jonni Webster

The above look into the mind of Jonni Webster, felt awesome to read, as I share this emotion with him. I couldn’t stop riding even if I tried to.

I’d have to admit, the unique simplicity and introspective concept behind this image series had me hooked. I for one hope they continue.

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