Why There’s No Such Thing as a Frontside Indy Grab

No Frontside Indy Grab ? What do you Mean?

I’m glad you asked, because that was my reaction, too. when I first read ‘there’s no such thing as a Frontside Indy, I immediately laughed, and said “This should be good.”

Skating, however,  never ceases to amaze me, and I never stop learning.

I’ve been skating skateboards, snakeboards, streetboards, and pivotboards for around 30 years now. I could be forgiven for believing I knew a thing or two about the subject. Until everry now and then, along comes irony to prove me wrong.

How we Learn Trick Names

The problem is that most skate knowledge is passed on from skater-to-skater, and often gaps in knowledge appear. Trick names are taught to you by the skaters you skate with.

Just like skatepark etiquette it’s picked up as you go along. Now that we have the internet, things are definitely a lot easier.

Trick names are confusing at times. Some tricks have more than one name (such as the K-Grind (named after Eric Koston) / Crooked Grind).


Rick Lowe – Frontside Grab – Lake Elsinore, CA

Tricks names often change depending on the direction of travel, or rotation. They also change whether they’re frontside or backside.

Sometimes what one guy calls a trick, another guy calls another name, and so on.

Since I first started skating, I was always told that when you grab with your back hand  between your toes, it’s called an Indy Grab.

Millions of skaters and snowboarders all over the world believe the same thing. If we’re going to use skateboard names for tricks, then we should probably be using the trick names correctly.

Duane Peters – The Creator of the Indy Grab

The Indy Grab was named by Duane Peters, who is also the first person to ever have his own signature deck in skateboarding. He rode for Independent Trucks, and invented TONS of tricks back way before even MY time (yeah, I’m old, I get it).

I found a video recently on Ride Channel, of Steve Caballero describing why there’s no such thing as a nollie-cab (which almost all skaters should already know) that really surprised me, and educated me at the same time because in that article it said ‘just like there’s no Frontside Indy’, which confused the hell out of me.

By ‘confused’, I should say it literally completely shook the very foundation of my skate knowledge. What did they mean there’s ‘no Frontside Indy’? Are they NUTS? That can’t be right.


Rick Lowe – Indy Grab – Lake Elsinore, CA

A few google’s later, and the interweb had informed me of my complete and utter incorrect skate knowledge. I was shortly informed that An Indy Grab can only ever be a backside grab.

If you grab between your toes with your back hand going frontside, it’s just a ‘Frontside Grab’.

Even when going straight without spinning, it’s just a ‘Frontside Grab’.

Reference Links

So, just in case you don’t believe me, and you, just like me, think otherwise, here’s a few articles to read;




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