Quick Tricks #8 – Yago Ferrer – Encinitas YMCA Vert

Here we are again with yet another Quick Tricks episode… …episode?… is that even fair, considering how short they are? Hmm… anyway, episode it is for now, until I can think of a better term.

This time, we’re filming our La Jolla based Spanish import (and by ‘Spanish’, I mean from Spain, not just the Spanish language), true Barcelonian (is THAT even a word?), Yago Ferrer.

Quick Tricks #8 – Yago Ferrer – Encinitas YMCA

Amazingly, Yago and I actually got to skate together, which with our unbelievably busy schedules, is remarkably hard to achieve, even though we work just a few minutes apart in San Diego.

Anyway, this time, we decided to hit up the vert amp at the Encinitas YMCA. This Monster of a ramp is half of the absolute monster-of-a-halfpipe used in the 2003 X Games, in Los Angeles.

This ramp was the largest X Games halfpipe ever built, and measured in at an absolutely gargantuan 120ft long. The main areas of the ramp have a 12ft transition, and 2ft of vert, which make it a pretty formidable ramp to ride, and not for the feint-hearted.

I can only manage to to a few tricks on this ramp, let alone a run.

Yago Ferrer, however, seems to be really at home on this beast, even though he regularly rides the vert ramp at the Clairemont YMCA.

Stay Tuned for our next Quick Tricks video, coming soon.


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