Rick Lowe- Session Edit – Encinitas Skate Plaza

Here’s a short Session Edit, I hope you enjoy it. I haven’t been able to skate for a little while, so hopefully I’m not sucking too hard.

I was out of commission from a broken board, and then an ankle injury kept me out of skating pivotboards for a little while.

Anyway, I’m finally back, and here’s a quick sesson edit from skating at Encinitas Skate Plaza.

Rick Lowe – Session Edit – Encinitas Skate Plaza

Third Wave Custom 55.5cm Pivotboard

I’m skating my new custom 55.5cm Third Wave pivotboard, which is .5cm longer than my last set up. This is because I want to start skating slightly longer boards, and moving up to bigger ramps.

I’ve always found that the bigger the ramp, the larger the wheels, and the longer the board needed.

I’m skating 58cm Bones SPF in this session edit video, but will be changing up to 60mm very soon. Larger wheels are way better for larger transitions where you need every bit of speed you can get all the way through the transition, especially when you want to get airborne. Bigger tricks, bigger jumps, and bigger airs, need bigger wheels.

Bones Swiss Bearings

Bigger wheels, are of course completely useless unless you have great bearings (most skaters don’t ever skate decent bearings, because they skimp on this part of the board). I only ever skate Bones Swiss Bearings. On this set up, I have the Bones Swiss Six-Ball bearings.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you they’re riding better bearings than Bones Swiss, because if they tell you anything else is better, they’re wrong. No matter who tells you that their bearings are awesome, if they’re not Bones Swiss bearings, they suck.

After 29 years of skating, I’ve tried every type of bearings you can imagine, and none of them perform as well right away, or as long as Bones Swiss bearings. If you’re not sure if I’m right, buy some Bones Swiss bearings, and you’ll thank me for the next 5 years. As long as you clean these bearings, they last forever.

One set I had lasted me 6 years before they even begun to slow down at all. they were still faster than anyone’s bearings out there.

Nobody is paying me to say this, I’m not sponsored by Bones Bearings, and neither do I make a profit from telling you this, although that WOULD be amazing. If you were ever considering trying them, do it today, and never look back or second guess what bearings you should use.

Good to be back on Board

Anyway, it’s great to be back on board, even if it does just feel like I suck in this session edit, as I’m only able to do a few tricks after the break.

Anyway, will catch up with you guys again soon with more antics from here in Southern California at Pivotboard.com

Speak Soon,



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