Not every trick is cut-and-dried, or straight up in nature.

There are many variants of tricks, and even though it’s almost impossible to categorize them, lets look at a couple of them up close and personal for a second.

Uber-Gnarly Tricks

There are tricks that are straight up gnarly.

From the get-go, they look completely insane. You know these tricks when you see them. The one’s you would never even attempt with a gun to your head, to save your life? The ones when you see a photo, you’re literally pulling at your hair saying ‘WHA…. WHAAAAT THE….?… HOW? Yeah, THOSE ones. The tricks you openly admit that you’re totally in fear of, and would never-in-your-life, do.

Those tricks that are for the chosen few.

They’re either strokes of pure genius, complete momentary insanity, extremely lucky, a miracle the skater didn’t die attempting them, or all-of-the-above.

Then, there are the technical wonders of the world.

Technical-Wonder Tricks

So, you know that kid that spends six years of his life building an exact model of a real-life architectural structures out of legos? The ones that can do a rubiks cube in 30 seconds, because they spent their whole life since they were 4 years old figuring out this logic puzzle. The ones that reprogram their Mom’s Roomba to work in perfect synchronization with 8 other Roomba’s to play the theme tune to Super Mario Bros.

There are skaters like this, too. The ‘Rodney Mullen’ types.

They get completely obsessed with a particular type of trick until they’re 6 billion light years ahead of anyone else. They’ve manifested an ability way beyond any regular living breathing human’s capability.

No offense at all to Rodney (he’s a skate god, and the nicest guy int he world, ever, so I hear), or any other uber-tech-wizard-ninja-skate-machine, for that matter. Us weaker, normal humans can merely sit back in amazement as they levitate, bend time, and manipulate skate molecules right in front of our very eyes in real-time.

These tricks are one-off accidental scientific miracles, but these people can summon them at will.

These tricks are all eighth wonders of the world.

Weird Tricks

Then there are the straight up weird tricks. The ones that at first you look at them and think, “Now why would anyone do THAT, anyway?”

The ones that make you wonder what the point is. They lead you to a 15 minute internal mental debate about why anyone skates in the first place.  You even question your reason for being a living breathing human in the first place, and contemplate skating being a complete waste of time.

After a few minutes, you mentally slap yourself back into reality, where almost everything’s a waste of time anyway, so you may as well continue.

Then you appreciate the weird tricks in all their glory.

So, What Tricks are Left?

When you eliminate the above trick-types from the menu, you get left with another type of tricks that don’t really fit into any of the above categories.

They’re not necessarily gnarly, or technical, or even all that weird, but for some reason, they send a shiver down your spine every time you think of them.

You know, the ones that you wish you ever thought of.

There’s no reason why you can’t do them, other than your own inner secret pussy kicking in. The trick that when you drive to the skatepark thinking about it, you’re all good. But when you get to the skatepark you’re like ‘fuck that’, and get on with the regular session.  Only to be confronted with that EXACT same trick in your mind, a month later.

I can’t think of a really clever name for these tricks, so I’m just gonna call them the ‘Fuck That Trick’. Because whenever you want to do them, you think ‘fuck that trick’.

My ‘Fuck That’ Trick

Well, I have a few of them, actually. I have internal battles on a regular basis, and the older I get, the more I have.

The ‘Cliff-hanger Blunt’ one is the one we’re looking at today.

The Cliff-Hanger Blunt

The cliff-hanger blunt, is just a regular blunt. There’s really nothing special about it.

The only difference is, it’s a blunt on the end of a flat bank.


A flat bank with no platform.

Almost shoulder high. That overhangs.

It has nothing underneath it, and is pretty close to the edge of a bowl.


Doing ANY tricks on the top of this flat-bank feel like you’re hanging on the edge of a cliff. Doing a blunt on the edge of the cliffhanger bank, and there’s no going back if you fall.

This trick as played with my mind for quite some time. There’s nothing hard about it, at all. It’s not gnarly, technical, or weird. It’s just a mind-bender for the guy doing it.

Admit it, when you saw the picture, you felt a little weird for a moment, right?


The ‘Cliff-Hanger’ Blunt

Admit it… …you even said to yourself, “Fuck that trick”, right?


Rick Lowe