This will probably be the shortest blog post I’ve ever written, but sometimes short-and-sweet, is all that’s necessary.

Recently, I announced the launch of the Alterskate kickstarter campaign. I hoped the campaign would be amazingly successful, and wanted it to get fully-funded, and then some. I really went pretty in-depth with the history of Alterskate in the last article, and it’s relationship with Snakeboard. Also, how I hoped it would succeed in it’s new form.

I’ve been watching pretty closely as the campaign went on, and have bene very exciteed to see things going well for them, until I checked it out today. Today I was extremely pleasantly surprised to see that not only is their campaign already funded, but they’ve already gone over the target for funding! So, congratulations are definitely in order.



So, All I wanted to do today, was give props to the newcomers in the sport. I’m happy for you guys, and can’t wait to get these boards in the store VERY soon.

If you’re interested in grabbing yourself an alterskate, you STILL CAN. Head over to their kickstarter campaign page here, and be one of the first people to reserve your boards right now. I’m buying a few for my store here. Also for an upcoming board review, and for putting on the wall here at HQ. I have great feelings for the future of Alterskate, and hope they succeed.

Check out my recent article that goes into the history of the Alterskate, and it’s connection with the history of the Snakeboard.

Welcome on board, Alterskate! Good vibes being sent your way, as always!