One of the most awesome and unique things about, is that we own absolutely every part in the design & manufacture of our boards.

We buy the plywood veneers. We glue and press them, design the boards, then cut and shape them in our very own workshop in California.

From beginning to end, we have complete control of the entire manufacturing process.  Right from the first part of making a board (the design stages), right down to the very last detail (the graphics).

This give us some MASSIVE advantages when producing boards.


We can literally design and make any type of board we want, any time we want to.

For example, If I decide today that I didn’t like something about my board, or if I was going to completely change the way we make boards from now on, I can do it from the VERY NEXT BOARD I make.

We can also make ANY sized custom boards anybody wants, as this video demonstrates perfectly.

I was chatting with Simon Johns on Facebook Messenger, about his next signature pivotboard.

He just broke his last board after a solid 2 years of skating it, and we were discussing the changes we have been  making.

We’ve made our boards lighter, changed the pivot design, and many other things in the last 2 years. These boards are developing and changing for the better all the time.

Simon asked if I could make him a 53cm, instead of the 54cm he was skating already. 

NO PROBLEM! This video is me making the bar the next day, from the computer design, to the finished bar.

It really is awesome to own our own board factory. This is one of the things that makes us capable of producing the best boards ever made, and can continue to do so with the best quality control ever.