I’ve gotta say, it’s a welcome change.

I’ve lived out here in SoCal for almost 10 years now, and I’ve never seen so much going on here. It’s amazing, but why all of a sudden is this happening? It didn’t just happen overnight… …it all started with an awesome session a few years ago, as well as a wind of change for a lot of reasons.


Everyone’s seen the movie that’s filmed out in the middle of Butt Fuck Egypt (apple maps that shit and see what happens), with the cactus, mountainous background,  desert sierras and tumbleweeds rolling. That’s how California was for a VERY long time.

It seemed like for a long time every competition was in Europe. Every tour was also, and everyone in this sport had forgotten about the mecca of all board sports (California), until just about three years ago. I was busy working on another business, and barely had any time to think, which was an easy distraction, but I truly missed skating, and it’s hard to stay motivated as just a lone ranger (see what I did there?).

I got a message from Sergi Nicolas randomly, saying he was going to be in SoCal, with a bunch of other riders. Not only that, but a european rider that had been living in Arizona was going to be moving here to SoCal? Awesome news, let’s go skate!

I’d pretty much skated alone here for a very long time. I had been working on my own  board in between other projects, and whilst it was still in it’s prototype stages, it was pretty skateable.

The Pivotal Moment

On February 12th, 2013, I arrived at Aura Skate Park in Vista and was met by some of the greatest guys that I hadn’t seen in quite a number of years. Sergi Nicolas, and Thomas Keinle were both people I considered friends from back-in-the-day, and I was extremely stoked by the warm welcome they gave me. There wasn’t any animosity at all, and I really needed that because it had really been a long time.

Streetboard Meeting Vista 2013

New Friends, and Old Friends

There were a couple of new faces there, too. Cristian Dedeu VandenBerg, and someone you’ll now know very well from these pages,  the ever awesome Yago Ferrer.

I don’t really think I understood that things would change from this day onwards, but it was an amazing session, and was really cool to meet Yago Ferrer. I was stoked to organize meeting up with him more regularly.

Let’s Take a Tour

From then on, Sergi Nicolas would be a more familiar face here in SoCal, often staying with Yago, and we would meet and skate as often as possible.

Over the last three years, Sergi has been here pretty often, bringing a few other members from different places, especially last year, when he brought over a bunch of riders from Europe for the ‘King Cobra Tour’. There was some seriously sick things going on at that tour, with a ton of great videos and photos, too.

King Cobra Tour 2015

This tour really made a big impact on SoCal, and the riders that all came over sincerely seemed to have a great time, as well as throwing down a lot of major hammers while they were out here.

We’ve Got Company?

After briefly launching White Boards as an experiment in 2015, we had a lot more orders than I expected, so I had to take down the store, and expand my workshop. I was so excited to have a lot of interest, and it was really helping me develop this new board at an amazing rate.

Next thing I know, the most awesome thing ever happened, ANOTHER company popped up in Caliornia, only this time, they were making boards for the market we were all missing so far… …KIDS! David from Ascent Streetboards announced his awesome new line of IceCream boards.

Ascent Streetboard

Anyone for Ice Cream?

So now there is two companies producing boards here in California, and pushing the sport in totally different areas.

One, Two, Three, Tour!

The next thing we know this year, there’s not only one, but TWO tours happening already, back-to-back. avid from Ascent has a Live to Streetboard Tour, and also RedPen Magazine has their ‘Strapped in and What?!’ tour right afterwards.

Pivotboard - Live to Streetboard Tour Flyer - 2016

Ascent Streetboards – Live to Streetboard Tour 2016

The Ascent Streetboard tour will be goingto events aimed at promoting boards to kids int he daytime, and also hitting up skateparks with the pro riders at other times, an interesting mix, for sure.

Streetboard Tour Strapped in and WHAAT 2016

Strapped in and WHAT! Streetboard Tour 2016

Red Pen Magazine seems to have come back from the dead, alongside The True Skool, both brainchilds of UK Streetboarder and competition MC, Jay Nowman.

This will probably be more of a hardcore street riders tour, so expect to see some gnarly partying, awesome debaucherous handrail abuse, alongside some hardcore shenannigans, I’m sure (if I know Jay well enough).

I’m stoked to see the footage already.

It’s Great to be Scene

SoCal has a growing scene for pivotboards. We have a crew of riders that regularly get around, go filming, and get everything together. we’re a tight brotherhood of friends, that skate together almost every day.

We have riders that regularly visit us, and come hang out, film, party, talk smack, bitch about our job, whatever.

There’s 2 new companies pushing the boundaries of board designs in VERY different but hugely creative and different areas. Both companies are marketing hard, and building a surge of interest in everything that’s happening.

You wanna know why almost everyone in streetboard is coming over to SoCal right now? It’s because SoCal is AWESOME, and it finally has a scene. It feels great, and it’s a wonderful thing to be a part of. In short, there’s a lot of shit going on. It’s an amazing thing to be a part of.

I even heard a rumor this week, that there may be yet  another board company starting out here, and all I can say is, the more the merrier. Bring it on!

I’m thankful to everyone  that’s involved in the tours, companies, and brands here. I’m loving the pace and the innovation happening. This is a very new and exciting thing to be a part of, and I’m extremely excited for the future of our sport in SoCal.

Welcome to America baby… …lets party!