I miss Neil Thomson. Like, I REALLY miss Neil Thomson a lot.

For those that don't know who Neil is, he was the sole owner of Highland Streetboards.

His influence on the scene was absolutely huge during the noughties (2000-2009).

Looking back now, it's easy to remember things in a reminiscent manner. Almost always, things were better 'back in the day'.

Most of the time, it wasn't ACTUALLY much better then, but we REMEMBER it that way.

But THIS time, it actually WAS awesome.

Back when Neil had Highland Streetboards in full swing, a massive amount of life and enthusiasm was brought into the U.K.

We had fun events, and a board company based in our country. Highland had a team of riders, and things were going great.

They even had the World Streetboard Championships at NASS. It was sick!

When Highland Streetboards Disappeared

The greatest mystery of our sport's history, is what happened to Highland Streetboards.

I mean, it was all awesome, and then… …nothing.

Highland Streetboards completely disappeared, and where nowhere to be seen since.

Almost nobody has heard or seen Neil Thompson, ever since.

All that was quite a long time ago, but when I got these Highland Streetboards Mercury Trucks, it all came flooding back.

I, like many other riders, really miss the company.

They had good boards, good graphics, and great trucks.

Mercury Trucks

Neil and I would often argue online (remember when that was a thing?) about whether or not Mercury was a Greek god, or renamed by the Romans.

One thing you couldn't ever argue about, was the simple, functional elegance of the Mercury Truck.

Even though Highland Streetboards haven't been around for a few years now, the legacy lives on.

These trucks are highly sought after by many of the top riders.

Whether it's street, vert, park, or any terrain, the Mercury can handle it with ease.

Many people swear that they're unbendable, but I think my fat ass has put that theory to rest on several occasions.

Saying that, they're still one of the strongest trucks available on the market.

Maybe Neil Thompson will resurface at some point.

I know we'd all like to thank him for his influence and involvement in this industry.

I'd probably also love to see these trucks being produced again.

Until then, though, we have a load of them available in our store.

Check them out today, and try out one of the greatest Pivotboard trucks ever made, while stocks last.

If you're out there, Neil, drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you.