How to Backside Nose Slide Video

I’ve been having some great fun recently putting together the how-to videos, and I intend to keep them coming. today I decided to put together a how to backside nose slide video tutorial.


These videos are a lot of fun for me, as they allow me to have a solid focus-session on that trick. I find it especially important to try and get the trick as perfect as possible, break down the elements, including what can go wrong.

It’s an interesting process, and I enjoy doing it.

Anyway, today I put together a video on how to backside nose slide. It’s a great trick to get down, but it definitely has some challenges when learning them.  Once you get them locked in and working, they’re an amazing trick.

Backside Nose Slides feel absolutely amazing when you get them perfect, and slide for a long time. Difficult to master, but definitely worth the effort.

I hope this how to backside nose slide video is of use to you. I would appreciate any feedback or comments you may have, so comment int he comments below, or hit me up on email at

Hope you have some fun with this one.