How To Switch Frontside Smith Grind

Continuing my recent flurry of how-to videos, this latest one features one of my absolute favorite grinds.  I do this trick pretty much every day since I learned them many years ago. This is the how to switch frontside smith grind video.

What to Learn First

Before learning switch smith grinds, you should be very comfortable with switch frontside grinds. You should be able to do them almost with your eyes shut. Learn to switch frontside grind, so that you can comfortably pop out, and ride away super comfortably.

Also learn frontside smith grinds, if you haven’t already.

The secret to any frontside smith grind, is opening up your toes. This allows you to lock into the trick, and get the edge of the bar locked into position while grinding.

Once you have these, you’re off to the races.

Not Just Stalling You

As with almost any trick, get used to doing switch smith stalls on a curb, or ledge. Learn them rolling up into the trick switch, and out of it switch, this is super important.

You may be tempted to start out rolling up to them regular, and sort of alley-o0ping the trick. I recommend learning them totally switch first, before grinding.

When grinding, get your back foot all the way onto the ledge. You want to get your back foot on a moment before the front foot, with your weight on the back foot a little more then the front.

Once on, press down into your back foot, on the toe, but also a little more on the heel, to stop the outside wheel from jumping up unto the ledge while grinding. When you start grinding, press down on the front toe, to lock in the grind all the way.

It’s a Grind to the Very End

Grind right to the very end of the ledge, and just roll off. Sometimes it feels good to lift up the front edge of the board, and sort of 5-0 off the end.

Don’t be tempted to jump off early, this is a really bad habit to get into.

You’ll sometimes watch videos of people grinding a really long ledge, only to jump off around 6-12 inches from the end.

Any skater worth their salt, would question why you didn’t grind the whole thing, and say you didn’t really grind the ledge, and rightly so. Trust me, it looks super weird.

We’re strapped in, but that’s no excuse. In my opinion, being strapped in and jumping off early makes it look way worse. A pivotboard skater should be able to grind the whole ledge or rail, right off the end, with confidence and style.