The Third Amigo

Ron Baez is little known to many outside of our crew of riders in SoCal. I love that I can finally say that we have a crew of riders. It’s awesome to have a tight group of riders that skate together regularly, and push each other to do more, better tricks.

Ron started riding pivotboards around 18 months ago now, and has come a long way, thanks to the awesome sessions he’s been having, and close friend he’s got in Yago Ferrer, our other SoCal crew member. It’s got me feeling great again about just how much of a brotherhood this sport can become. Thanks to both of these guys, the scene here has been kicking ass and turning heads again.

Check out this awesome video where Ron & Yago hit up the brand new Academy Skatepark in Vista, California. Ron hits up a crisp Frontside Tail slide on this curved ledge.

He’s come an amazingly long way, and also taken a massive step in getting involved with me at as business partner.

We’ve been able to push the boundaries of board design a lot further than had I just been working alone, and I’m eternally grateful for his help, input, and hard work. The amount of testing we have been doing, filming, and a hell of a lot of dedication has been put into our latest board design, the Third Wave, which you can see Ron testing out here in this video.

It’s awesome to have Ron Baez and Yago Ferrer as my pivotboard skate brothers. It’s great to interact with the many people we meet, that get interested in our new boards. We’re spreading the word throughout Southern California, and also the world about all this awesomeness.

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