Open Your Mind

Over the past few years, I’ve really learned the absolute importance of accepting other people’s ideas exactly how they are. 

I know… this is all gonna sound REALLY strange coming from me! looking back, I know how things used to look, especially to people that know me from the past, and how my actions could’ve been seen.

For those that don’t know, At one time, I was extremely vocal and critical of Dimension, and changing the name to streetboard at the beginning.

I was SO closed minded.

Don’t Stand in Your Own Way

My heart was always in the right place though, and I always really, and absolutely just wanted the best for our sport. 

Looking back at those times, I guess I just didn’t go about things in the right way. Whilst I may have had a lot to offer the sport, and skills that were useful, there was a clash.

My problem at the time was, that I wasn’t willing to accept ANYONE else’s ideas. I saw things as if there was only ONE WAY to do everything.

I had a clear-cut idea of how I thought things needed to be, and that was it. Back then, I wasn’t able to accept anyone else’s opinions, I just dismissed them.

So instead of being helpful, and making things grow, I appeared to just become a resistance to progress, which couldn’t have been further from the truth.

I was effectively standing in my own way.

Follow Your Heart, and Trust Your Gut

Don’t get me wrong, it’s super important to have goals, and a direction you want to go in, and you should absolutely stick to it 100%.

You should definitely ALWAYS follow your heart. 

If you have a great Idea, it doesn’t matter, you don’t have to listen to anyone else, you MUST pursue that dream.

Choose not to follow your heart, and follow popular opinion, and lose everything. Your idea could been the one to make the difference, so don’t quit before it was even possible.

Compete at the Right Times

The problem is, that as skaters we’re often all SUPER competitive, and that’s hard to switch off sometimes. 

It’s hard to see that whilst you may not agree or understand something, that it might not be wrong.

Two people CAN have different opinions or ideas, and still be both right.

It’s extremely important to accept others ideas exactly as they are, even if you disagree with the approach, or concept, or don’t understand how it can work.

You can ABSOLUTELY be cool about someone else’s idea, even if disagree with it. Even if you would NEVER do it yourself in a million years, it doesn’t mean n you should dismiss it.

When it comes to board designs, and making boards, we’re all on the same tea. m. In fact, we need to work together to progress faster. There’s no room for aggressive competition here.

How I Learned my Lesson

The funniest part about all of this is that I learned a large part of this lesson through other people’s sharp criticism of, and my own other projects. It’s okay, turn around’s fair play, so I really, definitely think I had it coming. 

I used to think that we all must agree and work together on one good idea, in order for that idea to succeed. Back then, I thought that we should all work in unity, and that there was no room for variance. I thought we all HAD to push in the same direction, but we don’t.

Back then,  if you disagreed with me and my ‘amazing’ ideas, you were wrong, and that was the end of it. 

Now, things have changed, and I believe strongly in the importance of acceptance, co-operation, and collaborative unity. 

Collaborative Unity

It’s absolutely possible that multiple completely different ideas can converge towards similar goals.

Just because we disagree on many things, doesn’t mean this sport is better off without anyone. It’s better with us all involved in it. This is true, even if we have completely bipolar ideas.

We all have something to offer. Anyone involved is important. This is true whether it’s your first day on a board, or if you’re a salty seasoned veteran, like me.

Variance in concepts, innovation of ideas, and competition in product designs. These things are necessary to drive us forwards, otherwise it will all get stale and old.

Work on the Future

I’m looking forward to a much brighter future, where the sport is actually growing again, and the efforts of all the board companies are aligned. 

More recently, I’ve seen a brief, but subtle glimpse of this beginning to occur. That’s really exciting. 

I’m just excited and happy to still be involved. 

I love it.