A few days ago, I had the inspiration for a new episode of The Lowedown.

This sport can quite often seem to be self destructive. I know that this isn’t always intentional, but I feel this needs to be addressed.

Recently, some of the riders in this sport have been criticizing us for not sponsoring any events, and not ‘giving back’ to the sport.

They have even gone so far, as to say that we are only interested in making money.

This is not only crazy, but it’s ridiculous.

It’s Not the Critic that Counts

This criticism doesn’t count, or matter at all. We here at Pivotboard.com are working towards a bigger, better future for this sport.

It may help people in this sport to gain an understanding of just how small things are, and just how big the challenge we have ahead of us, is.

We want the sport to grow, and in order to do so, we need the products and tools in hand, that WE need, to get this movement going.

Nobody is Making Money

Let’s stop pretending anyone is making money here. Nobody in this sport makes any money. This sport is microscopic. In comparison to almost any other sports, this sport is completely invisible to the naked eye.

The people involved in this sport, even the ones that run companies, and have brands, are not making any money. This is no big secret.

Here at Pivotboard.com, we spend a lot more than we ever bring in, so we can continue to develop our products, and make more of them.

We are growing a small, home-based workshop, and dedicate almost every moment of my spare time, to doing this.

All of these other company owners like myself, are involved because this is something they are passionate about.  It’s because of our insane love for this crazy sport, that we dedicate our lives to it.

We all sacrifice monstrous amounts of our spare time, and spend A LOT of our own money to bring the riders products, and create a hope that this sport can become bigger and better.

The Lowedown #3

Check out this new episode of The Lowedown.

I break a few things down for you, give you a tour of our ‘huge money-making factory’.  There’s a little skating in there, and I also show you how I make our new power straps. I hope you enjoy it, and it gives you some insight into what we’re doing here.

We don’t do this because we have any hope of making money. If making money WAS what we were interested in, then we are wasting our time here.

There are a BILLION businesses we could get involved in, that we could make money in, relatively easily.

No, we are not currently giving away free boards to competitions and events. But it’s not because we don’t want to, or because of an element of greed.

It’s because we can’t afford to do so, and we’re too busy spending more money than we make, buying materials, designing new products, and working on our growth.

We will make the Difference

When I started pivotboard.com, I started it because I wanted to make a difference. Not just a small, insignificant difference, but something much bigger than that.

First, I needed to make better boards. I’ve achieved that goal. White Boards are the best boards available in the world today. Nobody else’s product even comes close to ours.

That was just the first step. I want the sport to be bigger and better, and I have a precise plan to do so.

Making boards was only something I needed to do, to make a product that I can sell to new people.

If someone had another company that could’ve supplied me with good, quality boards, at a reliable pace, I would not have made my own boards at all. I would’ve just helped them out, and sold their boards instead.

One Board at a Time

I want to grow this sport from the ground up, one board at a time.

Without a reliable supply of good, quality boards, I couldn’t do that, so I started learning to make my own boards. This took me 10 years to do.

Now we will make better beginner boards, that are affordable for absolutely ANYONE to buy, and compatible with our other boards, so they can be upgraded. Then we’ll get them out there, in front of people.

We will sell boards, and we will make this sport grow.

I’ll do it with or without the support of anyone in the streetboard world. We don’t need any of the current riders, to go out and find new ones.

I’m not interested in this sport as it stands. It’s too small, it needs to grow, and I’m going to be a huge a part of making that happen.

Criticism won’t help this sport grow. Saying what YOU THINK the sport needs on social media won’t help it grow, either.

The people that are actively creating products, holding events, organizing tours, etc, are the ones making the magic happen.

They’ve all done a great job so far of keeping this sport alive. This sport is on life support, and it’s surviving, but that’s not good enough for me.

I won’t be happy until this sport is MUCH bigger than it is today, and continues to grow on a constant basis.

Once it gets as big as I want it to be, I will then make the goal bigger, so I can do even more.

Growth Comes First

Sponsoring a contest today, or giving a rider free boards won’t help me achieve this growth goal. Giving boards away to current riders will not help the sport grow.

However, achieving my goals in growing the sport, WILL give us the capability to sponsor riders, and sponsor events. But the growth MUST come first.

Creating and developing the products, marketing and selling boards, creating revenue capable of supporting such sponsorships, is necessary in order to do this.

Watch This Space

Watch this web site, our instagram, facebook, and other social media platforms as we progress with our plans.

You will see real, steady progress. There will be absolutely no negativity, only positive steps, and progress.

We will bring you the highest quality products that we can possibly make.

You’ll see evidence of us growing a small local scene, and building from there.

We will create a blueprint for growth, educate and inspire others to grow.

I will collaborate and continue to work with other companies involved in this sport, so that we can all achieve more collectively.

I made a decision, and made a solid personal commitment to doing all of this. When I’m done we’ll have a real growing sport, and I won’t apologize to anyone for it along the way.

If you don’t like the way I’m doing things, then start your own company and join me, the more the merrier, then together we’ll all make a difference.

That’s how I’m giving back.