It took a long time to get these bindings together. BUT,  I can definitely say I’m extremely proud of this new product.

After around 4 years, and 22 test versions, this is finally the binding I’m personally VERY happy to skate with. After all that 4 years of testing, no detail on these bindings has been overlooked, untested, or unproven.

SO, let’s take a closer look. Allow me to break down the bindings, and show you how they work.

I’ll start off with the toughest, highest quality materials these bindings are made of.


Ballistic Grade Nylon

The main part of the bindings (and the reason they’re called ‘Ballistic Bindings’) is made from a double layer of an amazingly strong, yet flexible and comfortable, ballistic grade nylon.

This is the same type of material that’s used in some of the toughest military applications, such as tactical vests, back-packs, and pouches. Ballistic nylon can withstand ANY AND ALL of the rough treatment that the sport of pivotboard can throw at it.

Trust me, I’ve tested the shit out of these things. They’re really tough!


Super Strong Stitching

They’re stitched with the highest-grade tough nylon thread.

This is the same type of thread used to make strong luggage, back-packs, military equipment, and any super tough nylon products.

Also, from the design of the product, the threads are never under any stress, which means they should never give, or break at all.

550 Cord / Paracord Laces


The red laces are made from the highest strength 550 cord (also known as ‘paracord’).

These paracord laces have a breaking strength of 550lbs. As the binding laces are NEVER under anywhere near this amount of strain, they should never break or let you down at all.

They are finished off with metal ends, so there won’t be any fraying, or breaking at the ends of the laces, either.

2 Inch Nylon Heel Strap

There’s absolutely no fucking around with your heel strap.

This is the one piece of the binding, that if it fails, your foot will come out of the bindings, and all hell breaks loose mid-trick. You want to be able to pull that thing as tight as you need it, and for it to hold your foot firmly into the bindings.


The heel strap absolutely MUST stay in place, and never come loose, or undone.

That’s why I chose a 2” nylon heel strap with high-strength hook and loop fasteners. I also added a 2” steel slide for that strap to go through.

Aircraft Aluminum Brackets

The aluminum brackets are made from thick, high strength aircraft aluminum. They’re custom made in the workshop for these bindings only.bindings-pivotboard-snakeboard-streetboard-foot-straps

Hardened Steel Bolts

The M5 steel bolt hardware supplied with these bindings, is made from high quality tough, hardened steel. They also come supplied with a nylon lock-nut, so they won’t come undone at any time.

Comfort was a top Priority

When designing these bindings, comfort was an absolute top priority. I was amazed that even the slightest changes in the angles of the bindings can make a difference. If something’s EVEN SLIGHTLY wrong with the angles on the design, the bindings won’t hold your foot correctly. OR, they even can become uncomfortable after an hour or two of wear.

A binding that holds your foot firmly in position, yet comfortably and correctly, feels amazing.

Great bindings never become uncomfortable, no matter what tricks you’re trying, or how long you skate for.

I’ve definitely achieved that with this Ballistic Binding.

Ballistic Bindings Hold your Feet Firm

These bindings hold your feet very firmly. They can easily be set up in different ways to give  a different hold, for different styles of Pivotboard riders.

Skate on the Balls of Your Feet?

Some riders love to skate on the balls of their feet, allowing the heels to lift when skating.

You can set up ballistic bindings to work this way for you. In fact, this is something I insist on.

Skate with your Heels held Down Firmly?

Many people love to have the heel of their foot firmly placed down on their board, and do not want their foot to lift at all.

I call this the ‘snowboarder style’, as in my experience, usually people that come from snowboarding background, love this feeling.

This is easily possible with the new Ballistic Binding, without the need for an additional ‘power strap’.

Available in Store, Today

All the testing worked out. The patience paid off.

No I have one of the best bindings ever made, to add to the boards in store.

You can now also buy a complete pivotboard, ready-to-go, with wheels and bindings from our online store.

It’s been a few years of trial-and-error, but finally I did it, and I’m extremely proud to see this day.