In 2016, I had just about gotten my boards to a place where I was happy with them.

I couldn’t be prouder today of what I’ve achieved with board design, especially with the limited resources I have.

I’ve been able to build a complete board factory from scratch. Learned how to make boards completely from trial and error.

It’s been one hell of a journey, with MANY bumps in the road.

To this day, the Third Wave board, is still the best pivotboard I’ve ever skated.

Making Pivotboards More Accessible

Let’s face it, pivotboard is not very accessible.

There are VERY few companies selling boards today. Those that do, are scattered. People are currently faced with needing to buy 2 or 3 different things, from 2 or 3 different places, often in different countries, to put a board together.

It’s my goal to make pivotboard more accessible to people. For that to be possible I need to be able to sell a COMPLETE product.

I want someone that just found pivotboard to be able to find the product, and buy it. All together. In one place. Just like ANY OTHER PRODUCT IN THE WORLD!

People should be able to just buy the product. Without needing to piece a board together from 4 different companies. That don’t answer emails. Take forever. And are all halfway around the world.

I want everything to be easy. Everyone involved in this sport should be working towards this as a common goal.

No Bindings Available Anywhere

It was time to look for a reliable binding supplier. I tried everyone in pivotboard that made bindings. And got no good results.

  • Some companies took months to reply to emails or messages. I can’t rely on that.
  • Others weren’t able to supply bindings, for many reasons. Some were sold out, and only made bindings every two years or so.
  • Smaller brands sell direct to consumers, just like I do. Perfectly understandable, but wouldn’t work for me.

I wanted a constant, reliable supply of great bindings for my boards.

So being unable to buy bindings, I needed to make my own.

Out On My Own, Getting Started

I liked a type of bindings that were out there. So, I had a good place to start with a base design.

I bought material, a sewing machine, and a few other things, and started making test bindings right away.

When I shared photos of my test bindings, some people weren’t very happy that I’d decided to use a certain binding as a base for my design. From the beginning I intended to change and develop the design for my bindings to be truly different.

My bindings were similar to the ones that had inspired them, and that pissed people off.

Luckily, I know my heart was in the right place. Absolutely nothing I was doing was wrong. I guess when trying to make progress, I rocked the boat. Unfortunately, I also lost a good friend as a result. None of that was intentional on my part.

I was excited about making some awesome bindings I could sell with my new pivotboards. I also knew that you can’t please everyone, and I hadn’t done anything wrong.

So I kept my head down, and continued to improve my bindings until I was happy.

3 Years of Development

So, here I stand today.

After 3 years of product development and design. Somewhere around 22 different prototypes. Many insults, a lost friendship, a few misunderstandings, and a lot of bullshit (as always).

I finally have a binding that I’m extremely happy with.

Totally Adjustable Comfort

My new Ballistic Bindings are amazingly comfortable on your feet.

They can hold your feet as loosely or as firmly as you want it to.

You can customize the feel, but don’t sacrifice any comfort at all.

Adjust Ballistic Bindings to allow your heel to lift and skate on the balls of your feet. Or make them hold down your heel for a totally solid foot hold.

Ballistic Nylon Material

Ballistic bindings are made with futuristic looking, modern materials.

The main part of the binding is constructed from an almost indestructible ballistic nylon.

The laces are made with 550 nylon paracord, which as the name suggests, have a 550lb breaking strength.

Vegan Friendly

Made with 100% synthetic materials, Ballistic Bindings are vegan friendly, but eat the competition for breakfast.

Available Here Next Week

The new Ballistic Bindings will be available to buy here, in store, next week.

You will be able to buy them with a board, as a complete package. Or as a standalone product.

Pictures coming next week, also.