‘Third Wave’ New Board Preview

Hey guys! Great to be back on here this week, with this awesome board preview, as well as other great news.

So for the past while, I  haven’t had any boards on the site, or in the store. I’ve had quite a few people ask me if we’d stopped making boards.  Just to keep you all updated, it’s not because we stopped making boards (far from it!), but because last year we had A LOT OF ORDERS. So many, in fact, I had a hard time keeping up with the demand for them.

Thanks for everyone that ordered board last year, and for all the great feedback you’ve been able to give me. You’ve all really helped out a lot.

Third Wave Pivotboard Board Preview Streetboard Design

Third Wave Test Board Preview, Looking Sexy!

Huge Demand During 2015

Having a large demand is a great thing, but skaters  having to wait  for boards to be shipped, while I struggled to keep up, wasn’t good at all. I’m extremely thankful to all the skaters that were really patient while waiting for their White Boards to be delivered, so thanks to all of those for being so understanding.

I was amazingly happy with the response and demand for boards in 2015. It was, however time to improve things yet again, here at Pivotboard.com.

Snakeboard Third Wave Board preview being tested

Munoz Ballbreaker trucks, and a slightly different pivot design for 2015

Welcome Ron Baez

Towards the end of 2014, SoCal rider Ron Baez has joined me in this amazing adventure, and we’ve been super busy. So I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Ron to Pivotboard.com.

We’ve doubled the size of our workshop’s capability to produce boards, so in 2015 we will be able to make more boards than ever before.

We’ve also been working on building our inventory, so that we have more boards in stock. This means that once we have the store back up and running, there will be NO WAITING for orders to be shipped.

Ron and I have been testing out several new ideas for pivots, new board construction ideas, and much more.

Snakeboard evolution board review from White Boards

New Wider Shoulders on the Third Wave Bar

The Third Wave Board Preview

We’ve worked on the designs a lot too, and we’re currently testing out this awesome new board preview for our new 2015 set up.

For now, I’m christening it the ‘Third Wave’, after last year’s ‘New Wave’ line.

It’s a combination of a set of footplates we have tried and tested for the past  years, and a brand new bar design. We’ve widened the shoulder of the bar, to allow for greater locking in on some grinds an slides, especiallt smiths and feebles.

According to all our research and rider testing, this bar should perform equally well for street riding, street course, and also ramp riding.

I’ll be keeping you up to date, and hopefully have a few videos together of us testing this design. We’re extremely excited to get it going. Well keep you updated here.