We’ve been Busy

Since we released the Third Wave, we’ve been crazy-busy working on our next few projects. Not only have we been working on brand new beginner boards, but we’ve also been working on some new pivotboard bindings.

It’s almost time to release them, it’s time to give you guys a sneak preview. I can definitely promise you from the testing results, that these bindings are MIND-BLOWING!

We still have a few more ideas we’re throwing around. So far we have 2 models of bindings coming very soon.


Basic Binding Model

First up, what we’re calling our ‘Basic Binding’. This binding is inspired very heavily by the PivotLord Pro Bindings designed by Pipo Grosso. I used a set of  Pipo’s bindings for over 10 years, and loved them. I felt there was a little room for improvement, and so set out to make these. There will still be a few changes in the design before the release version, so standby for more news on that.

We wanted to design lighter bindings that provide a more comfortable hold. We chose some thinner suede as a material for the main part of the bindings. We then chose seatbelt webbing for the rear strap, so it’s got a LOT of hold, but still remains flexible and comfortable to ride in.

The ones pictured are the first test models made, and they’ve been a revelation. I’d say that if all other bindings are like skating in boots, these bindings are like skating in your socks.


You’ll NEVER ride anything so comfortable, that moves with your foot. There are no bad pressure points on your feet, that make them hurt after a while, or at all.

There are still a few changes to be be made before the release version.  We will add more eyelets, so that it will lace up further up your foot. We will also be adding a power strap option, detailed below.


Advanced Binding Model

Our new Advanced Bindings, are a little more complex than the basic binding model. This binding has 4 straps that are woven together, to make a binding that holds your foot down tight, but flexes and moves when your foot does.

This binding moves with your foot, so it doesn’t hurt your foot. It will apply the right amount of pressure without hurting at all. If you wiggle your toes in these bindings, the binding flexes to accommodate that. They feel like a second skin, adapting and responding to your foot’s movements.

This feels a lot better than bindings that apply too much pressure and cut off circulation. Also better than bindings that don’t hold your feet down enough, though, so that you can’t get them tight.


Power Strap

We will also have the option of adding a ‘power-strap’, which is a 2 inch footstrap that goes over the top of your foot, to hold it down even more steady.

Vegan Binding Options

One of our sponsored riders, Simon Johns, is a vegan and we respect that greatly, so we’ll be putting together a version of our bindings that are not made from suede.

Testing Results

So these photos are the first prototypes that were made a few months ago. We’ve been testing them pretty hard. The results so far, are that we’ve never ridden anything so comfortable, that holds your foot so well.

Not only are these bindings comfortable, there’s absolutely NO sacrifice in hold. They hold your feet solid and secure, making it feel as if you don’t have bindings on your feet at all.

These bindings will be available for sale in the store very soon.