Is This the New Snakeboard the World’s Been Waiting For?


Years ago, and I’m talking WAAY back-in-the-snakeboard-days, Snakeboards were easily accessible for anyone to buy.

here were Snakeboards available at $80.00, $130.00, and $199.00. There was a snakeboard for anyone’s budget! Yeah, they looked weird, but they were affordable and fun!


The Snakeboard Pro-X

The $199.00 Pro X, didn’t quite cut it for some of us. In fact, I think we would’ve all rather had a $300-400.00 board that was more reliable, with an actual nose and tail, and useful, but anyway…

Since Snakeboard disappeared, there have been a few boards, but they’ve almost all been aimed at people that want to ride ramps and do tricks.

In almost any sport, that’s a very small part of the market, which I’ll go into in a moment.

I mean, it would be AWESOME if every single person ever to try a pivotboard, took the it up seriously as a sport and became a hardcore rider. Usually, that’s not the case in any sport.

Let’s put this into context, so you understand I’m not just making this up.

Still Thousands of Snakeboarders

There are tens-of-thousands of people in the world that have snakeboards in their garage still today. None of these people were ever serious sports riders.

We know this, because we get at least 2-3 emails a week from people looking for Snakeboard parts. Usually they  need to replace the suspension that rotted out over the last 20 years.


There were hundreds-of-thousands of snakeboards sold in the 1990’s, even though there were only a few thousand riders that did tricks.

Snakeboard was marketed as a toy, and was sold in that way, that is part of the reason it did so well back then.

Not convinced? Aaah, this is all too easy.

The 99/1 Rule

Think about the amount of kids in your street that own skateboards. Almost every home in my block, has at least one skateboard in their garage. I personally own 5 skateboards, eand I’m not a serious skateboarder, or even very good at all.

Ask yourself seriously for a second, how many skateboard owners are actually skateboarders, that skate regularly, and do tricks? How many of them can 360 Kickflip? Almost NONE, right?


Now think about the amount of school kids in your area, that ride BMX’s to school and back. How many can tailwhip, or 360? Relatively ZERO.

Take the amount of people you know of above, and ask yourself how many of them go to skateparks, ride mini ramps or halfpipes, or do any kinds of tricks at all? I’ll bet you it’s only a TINY AMOUNT of people, if any.

Probably around 1%, or maybe less of these people you’re thinking of, ACTUALLY do this as a sport.

I’d hazard a guess that there’s 99/1 rule in play, of people that ride anything with any seriousness or with a sport in mind.

Take this rule and apply it to anything. How many people dricve cars as transportation, compared tot he amount of motorsports enthusiasts? How many motorcross bikes are sold, compared to motorcross riders?

1% of people take a sport up seriously, the other 99% just own it, or do it for fun.

What’s my point (I hear you ask)?

Something Seriously MISSING

For MANY years, pivotboard has been missing a low price-point board.

Pivotboard doesn’t currently even HAVE an entry-level, fun cruiser board available for any young adult / kid to buy that just wants to have a little fun, and try something new. That’s all about to change right now.

If the 99/1 rule is in any way accurate, we could be missing out on 99% of people that would love to grab a board real quick for fun.

Could it be possible that this sport is currently only 1% of it’s potential size? I ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE THIS, 100%!

I believe that in order for us to grow faster than we are now, lower price-point boards need to happen.

Allow me to show you something simply beautiful, yet beautifully simple. I present to you our beginner’s board.

For Beginner’s and Cruisers Alike

We don’t have a name for it yet, but we believe this beginner’s board is the answer to many of the above issues.

  • This board is SUPER lightweight, low cost, ultra portable, and ready to ride.
  • It’s remarkably simple, using our ultra light pivot system, with no bearings or moving parts. There’s nothing to break, or worry about maintaining.
  • At 51cm, this board is really quick and maneuverable, and the stance is great for anyone to cruise on. I love cruising with this thing, it’s really fun.
  • The bar is thinner than the footplates, to give this a little retro feel, just like old school Snakeboards.
  • There’s a small, functionally useful nose and tail, for those that may want to go up the learning curve to better things.
  • All parts are compatible with our pro rider boards, so if a young rider took it up, got rad and broke some parts, they can upgrade them to heavier and better parts, enabling them to do other tricks.

The Best Part?

You wanna know the best part?

This new board should end up priced at around $100-130.00!

A perfect price for anyone to just grab and ride for fun.

So there you have it, a great beginner’s board that’s not just aimed at kids, but anyone that wants to just cruise without losing a month’s grocery money.

Being compatible with all the pro boards, means the progression into higher ranks is possible. Perfect for parent’s that wanna just pick up, and surprise their kid with something cool.

It’s been a long time coming, but we hope you like it half as much as we do.


The final release model will of course have graphics, too. Watch this space for more details, VERY SOON.