It’s Finally Here!

That’s right, after almost 2 years of perfecting our newest board design, The Third Wave has gotten through testing and is ready for release!

Our online store will reopen to everyone on May 1st, 2016, but you can get a sneak peak of the store before then, if you’re a newsletter subscriber.

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Our Third Wave board is a groundbreaking design. It is the lightest full sized board ever produced, and by quite a long way, yet extremely strong (we haven’t been able to break one yet).

The shape of the board has grown from 22 years of riding Pivotboards, and 10 years of prototyping and testing. This new shape has been thoroughly tested, and has been customized to be the most universal board for all types of tricks. This board is as equally at home on street, as it is on mini ramps, or even half pipes.

Riders that have been testing the board have found many tricks to lock in better and be therefore smoother.

These boards will be 100% customizable to your own stance. Boards will be available to order in any size stance, in 0.5cm increments. We have found through testing, that to have the perfect board stance for you, helps your riding dramatically, and the feedback from the riders that have tried it has been amazing. No longer do you have to try and use a board that doesn’t quite work for you.

We’ve been listening to everyone’s feedback, and it’s been amazing.

The Third Wave board will have slick both sides, and a bar that you can actually take off, turn over and use both sides.

We will be releasing some more photos of the board over the next couple of weeks, along with some amazing photos of what this board is capable of.