I’ve Finally Done It

For years, I’ve been wanting to release a new pivotboard, that makes this sport more accessible for new riders to get into pivotboard skating.

I know it’s taken a long time, I’ve lived through the process, but the waiting is now over.

Okay, so I still don’t have graphics on my boards yet, but as you read this article, I’m currently learning how to do that. I haven’t been able to print anything on a board that’s satisfactory yet, but that’s coming VERY SOON.

Anyway, that’s not what this article is about. This article is about something much more special than that.

Today, I am exceedingly happy to announce the long awaited (by me) arrival of the newest board available today, the Rogue Pivotboards Pad-1.

My first ever pivotboard aimed at, and priced at beginners and cruisers. Finally something for just fun cruiising around, that doesn’t cost $300.00??

I know, sounds too good to be true, right?


A Ton of Fun

This new little board is amazingly fun to ride and cruise around on. It’s super maneuverable, has a tight turning radius, and just flows around really nicely.

I wanted it to feel a lot like the original snakeboard, and also look a little more like it.

The thinner bar pays homage to our history, as well as easily distingishes the board from looking too much like a skateboard, as so many other boards do.

This one needed to look different, and feel fun to ride. I wanted to break out of that boring mold, and start getting creative.



Lightweight, Simple Cruisability

Lightness was a HUGE thing. I needed this board to be as light as possible. The PAD-1 weighs in at just 6lbs 2.2oz (2.784kg)! It’s my lightest board yet, and that’s something I’m extremely proud of.

One of my main goals here at Pivotboard.com is to make boards lighter, to simplify the design, making it feel more solid, more responsive, with fewer and simpler moving parts, lowering hte cost, and therefore all around better.

This new beginners board is a step further in that direction.


Ascent Trucks

The trucks that come with the board, are the great lightweight trucks from Ascent Streetboards.

When I tried these trucks for the first time, I knew they would be a perfect match up for any beginner board. Lighter than other trucks, yet strong enough for almost any rider for cruising, flatground tricks, and will grind absolutely anything.

Concrete curbs are no match for these little beasts. Just makes this board even more fun to ride!

Oh, there was also one more thing I wanted to do…


Just 150.00?? That’s Right

In order for me to make a board I could truly expect beginners to go for, it needed to at a great price.

Done. This board is just $150.00 complete. 

The PAD-1 is available to buy RIGHT NOW, in store, at that price.


Another main goal of this entire Pivotboard.com movement, is to grow the sport. I believe the best way to grow this sport, is to do it locally, with rider support, great marketing, and a great product.

Shipping boards to other countries and keeping the sport the same size is great and all, but it doesn’t achieve that goal. I have no interest in just measly survival, only future growth. I want this sport to grow and continually get bigger, and I will make that happen.

In order to work towards that goal, the PAD-1 is only available to ship inside the state of California, where myself and the riders here can together support and grow this movement, and the sport locally.


I have no interest in shipping these boards anywhere else, until I’ve achieved the goal of growth. After all, if I can’t grow the sport here, how can I expect to grow it in other countries? That doesn’t make any sense at all.

And there’s no way in hell I’m leaving Southern California any time soon. It’s too fucking awesome.

So here it is. A great beginners board, at an affordable price for anyone to buy, available to ship immediately.

The new Ballistic Bindings are next. They’ll be the most comfortable, lightweight bindings available. Watch this space for that info.

See you soon.

Rick Lowe