Getting your feet in the right position on a Pivotboard isn’t just a matter of personal preference.

There’s actually a REALLY GOOD set position that will work perfectly for almost everyone.

After 23 years of riding snakeboards, streetboards, and now pivotboards as a professional and then an amateur rider, I’ve learned MASSIVE AMOUNT about the right (and the WRONG) way to set up your bindings.

After almost 14 years of making, building, and testing pivotboards, I’ve tested and tried almost a thousand board set-ups.  I’ve also made a thousand mistakes from setting things up in the wrong way.

Even now, I’m still learning more about how foot position and board stance, totally affects your riding.

One thing I know 100% from research and testing, is that the correct foot position also has A FUCK LOAD to do with how often bars can break.

That Custom Board Feeling

I’ve proven this consistently over and over again with many different riders, sometimes simply by adjusting the stance of their board, or moving their feet slightly.

It feels really awesome to do this with somebody. It always feels so good when they’re super happy after tweaking and adjusting their set-up. When it’s done right, it feels like they just got a totally custom board made for them, that fits their riding style and height, perfectly.

I always get an amazing kick out of skating the session WITH them, to see how comfortable they feel right away, once the changes have been made.

Their skating almost always improves almost instantly, and gets MUCH smoother within just a week or two.

Board stance and foot position are two VITAL parts of a board set up.

For example, even just this month we had a rider that started breaking an UNUSUAL amount of boards.

None other than one of our company owners, Ron Baez.

Ron’s Foot Mistake

Ron Baez went from one bar that lasted 10 months, to breaking 3 boards in JUST A MONTH! The weirdest thing about it was that all the bars were exactly the same. This was REALLY FRUSTRATING for him, and confusing for us at

To begin with, we put it down to just a couple really bad slams, or some harder landings. Ron had been riding a lot harder and pushing his level of riding. But we soon realized that something was really wrong.

We went through a lot of problem solving, and questioning even the strength of our boards, as we want to make sure we’re making the best boards possible at all times. It also took us about a MONTH to figure out what the issue was.

It turned out that when setting up a complete new board, without really thinking, Ron had changed his foot position, just by a little.

If the above doesn’t tell you enough already, the wrong foot position kills boards.

I already knew this, and it’s been something I’ve been aware of for a REALLY long time, especially when developing boards for us here.

So What’s the RIGHT Foot Position?

I figured it would be REALLY helpful to pivotboard skaters to know the EXACT correct foot position.

This will not only benefit your pivotboard skating, but also stop you breaking boards very quickly. It increases the life of the board, and also decreases the chance of injury.

With 100% confidence, I can assure you that the position of your feet can make a HUGE difference between breaking boards often and breaking them a lot less.

So I put together this short video, explaining the perfect position to set up your pivotboard bindings.

Change feels Strange

As I mention in the video, If you’ve been skating with your feet in a different position for a while, you will be used to that foot position.

Anything new feels different, but if you’ve been skating with your feet in the wrong position, different is good.

Changing it will feel REAL weird for a minute, until you get adjusted to this new position.

As with any change you make to your pivotboard, give it at least a few weeks, or even a month, to fully adjust.

I assure you if you’re reading this article, and you try the foot position demonstrated in this video correctly, it will help you in many ways.

That’s about it for today.