A New Pivotboard for Beginners

Just recently after 10 years of board research and product development, we released our latest board, the Third Wave. Whilst that board is the best board that’s EVER been made, and has been a lot of fun getting it together, it doesn’t cater to all. It’s now time to design a pivotboard for beginners.

The Third Wave is the absolute best all-round board any serious skater. It’s the best board anyone that does tricks and rides ramps or street could ever have at the moment. Even though the Third Wave board is THAT good, it still leaves a giant hole in our plans to grow the sport here in Southern California.

Now that we’ve released the Third Wave, we’ve turned our attention towards a few other products we need. A much more challenging area of board design, for me, is a pivotboard for beginners.

streetboard-pivotboard-for-beginners-snakeboardsWhy’s a beginners board such a challenge?

I’ve been riding pivotboards since 1994, so I’m not new to it at all.

Over the years, I’ve competed in many competitions, travelled all over the world doing demos and tours.  I’ve competed in 7 different streetboard world championships over the years, and many other national, and international tours, demos, and events.

The PROBLEM with trying to design a beginner’s board, is that I haven’t been a beginner since almost 22 years ago, so sometimes it’s a bit of a challenge to think of the beginners needs, in order to provide the best board.

Pivotboard.com’s Mission

10 years ago, I set out on my own personal mission to design the best board ever made.

The boards that other companies were making were (in my opinion) just not good enough for me.  It was time for me to begin my journey designing boards that were better. This has been a true voyage of discovery. I’ve found out information and learned skills that I never thought I’d ever need to learn. I don’t think I ever truly knew the meaning of the phrase ‘trial and error’, quite as much as this project.

I wanted a lighter board, better quality, more responsive, with the stance I wanted. It had to be super-slick so it slid better. I wanted the perfect shape so that it works better for certain tricks, makes the board stronger, and more. The angle on the footplates had to be just right for all type of noseslide, tailslide, bluntslide, and every combo trick.

So that’s what we were developing for the past 10 years, and it took a long time. There was a lot of trial and error, until we got something we’re extremely happy with, and can continue to develop.

Essentially, if you asked ME what I wanted out of a board, I instantly had all the answers, because it was easy.

Designing a beginner’s board has been a little more challenging.


We’re not sure whether we will use Ascent Streetboards trucks on the finished board or not, but they look pretty cool here, don’t they?

The Rider’s Needs

So we approached this challenge with the same meticulous approach that we took to get the Third Wave going.

We made a list of the things a beginner needs. It must firstly, be a low cost entry point board. The board must also be compatible and upgradable to all our pro board parts. It must also offer the newcomer an insight into what this sport is, without breaking their bank.

A beginner’s board needs to be rider-ready, right out of the box.

Pivotboard.com’s Needs

We have needs in a product too, right? Of course we do.

Our goals here, are to get a board together that shows people how different our sport is, and how fun it can be. So it needed to look different, and clearly distinguishable from other boards like skateboards. We wanted a head-turner, a board that would encourage people to ask about it.

We also need to give them an opportunity to try it out. So this board is designed with a specific purpose for us to teach people.

We’ve found that our personal boards are too challenging for a beginner. They’re set up just for us, and are not as easy to use as maybe a board aimed at a beginner.

My boards are way too long, and set up for me. These beginner boards will come with a 51cm stance, perfect for beginners. They’ll be set-up with softer wheels, with slower bearings that are easier to learn on. much better for beginners than the lightning fast Bones Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate Bearings I run on my boards.


The Retro look in Full Effect

They will be SUPER light weight, nothing complicated, has everything you need to learn the basics and love it.

They will, however, still be upgradeable to being a pro board if that’s the way you want to go with it. We need to be able to grab this and run, show it to as many people as we can, and get them running as quickly as possible.

That’s our goal with this new board. We won’t need to stop riding to show you our board, we’ll have spares to teach anyone on, and the availability for you to buy the product right then and there.

Essentially, we needed a gateway board.  I believe this  board looks like it could fulfil that role pretty damned well.

When can you get it?

We’re expecting to release this board in the store VERY soon. Just the final few tests to go through, just like with the Third Wave preview. Expect to see this board in our online store very soon. We’ll announce it, so watch this blog and our social media pages for details.


Today, we just wanted to give you guys a quick taster of what’s to come. We would love to hear your comments and feedback about how this concept board is looking so far.