Powerflex Wheels Review

A few months ago, I finally got my hands on a set of Powerflex Wheels. Specifically, the Gumball cored wheels.

I had been highly anticipating getting hold of some, after seeing the testing they were going through, as well as a ton of good skating from some top names in skateboarding.

Before I get into the whole review, let me give you a little background story to explain why I wanted to get my hands on these wheels so badly.

Jim Gray

Jim Gray, is a pretty cool guy, and knows more than a thing or two about skateboarding. He was a pro skater way back before my day, in the late 70’s, and early 80’s.


Jim Gray, Powerflex Wheels & Inkgenda

He was a pro skater for G&G, and then Blockhead Skateboards. He then went on to found the legendary skateboard manufacturer, Acme Skateboards.

Acme was a huge company back in the 1990’s, until cheaper Chinese manufacturing left Acme unable to compete in the lower end of the market. This was a sad time for skateboarding, because nobody won.

Here’s a great article about Jim and Acme skateboards.

Cheap boards from china were poorly manufactured, and didn’t last 10 seconds. In my opinion, these boars sucked, and luckily didn’t survive the industry.

After Acme, Jim took a part of that company that made stickers, and turned it into the skateboard industry leader in stickers. Today, Inkgenda (based in Orange County, California) makes stickers for almost every single skateboard brand you can imagine, including Tony Hawk.

So, as mentioned earlier, Jim knows his shit.

Former Rider Buys Company

A few years ago, Jim bought the company he used to ride for, Powerflex Skateboards.

I was really interested in some of the things Jim was saying. He had announced a new type of wheel, that sounded absolutely killer.

As Pivotboards have an unusual motion, we need wheels that are hard, but grippy. It’s been almost impossible to find a wheel that does both, often leaving you to compromise between the two somewhere.

Jim had announced a new 83B cored wheel, and promised it to deliver the ultimate balance between slide and grip. I was VERY intrigued, to say the least. Then came the test videos.

Powerflex Wheels Core Tests

I was scrolling through facebook one day, when I saw a video link that really had me interested. It was a video of Jim Gray testing the cores of these new wheels, with a sledgehammer!

The link said that he had bent the axle of a skateboard truck, but left the core intact. I couldn’t believe it, but the evidence is clear in this video.

So, needless to say, these wheels had my attention, and I needed to have a set to try out.

Powerflex Gumball Wheels Unboxing

It took a little while for them to finally release the 58mm, and 60mm versions. The moment they became available from my favorite online store, SocalSkateShop.com, I snagged myself a set instantly.

Here’s the unboxing video, showing the high quality of these wheels…

Powerflex Wheels Unboxing

These were also the wheels I featured in the How to Clean Skateboard Bearings article.

Real Powerflex Wheels Road Test

I hate reading a ‘review’, only to find it’s a guy opening a box, and telling you what it looks like. to me, that’s not a review at all. When looking into a product I want to know what it’s like to use, heard from experienced.

The last thing I want to read is just an unboxing where you’re plugging a product you’re getting paid to promote.

All that aside, I can assure you, that I have no product endorsements, and nobody is paying me for this review. it’s simply a 100% honest and truthful review of a great product.

I tested these wheels for several months. I think it was around 4-5 months between the unboxing and the review video.

Putting all that aside a moment, here’s the video of the complete, honest, road test of these wheels.

SPOILER ALERT: These are the best wheels I’ve ever skated in my life, after over 30 years of skateboarding, snakeboarding, riding streetboards, and now pivotboards.

Watch the video, simply put, these wheels are awesome. They are hands down the best wheels that ever have been made.

You have no thinking to do anymore, all you need to do is buy yourself a set, right now.