Since making the Third Wave (our best pivotboard yet), we have been working very hard on our next project, which is an awesome set of bindings.

We showed you guys a few photos of the first two test bindings we put together recently, here.

Since then, we’ve been testing and changing our designs and ideas, and wanted to share with you our progress.

PVTBRD Bindings

PVTBRD Bindings will be available very soon, and the first model available will be the PVTBRD ‘Stolen’ Binding, shown here.


These photos are of the latest test versions that we currently have on our boards, and are testing.  Once we’re done testing these, and we’re happy with the results, we will be happy to release the binding model for skaters to buy.

You’ll be able to buy them separately, or as a package deal with our current White Board line.

This should be pretty soon, so watch this space for details.


Inspired by Grosso Bindings

It’s no secret to anybody, that I used to be sponsored by Grosso Pivotboards.


Rick Lowe – Invert in Menifee riding Grosso Bindings

I rode their bindings and boards  for many years, and was honored to do so. Grosso Pivotboards made the best pivotboards ever produced, and have been an inspiration to me ever since.

It was Pipo Grosso’s dedication to the voyage of discovery in new advanced board designs, that inspired me to start producing my own boards and parts.


Grosso Pivotboards Shift

After Grosso Pivotboards were gone, I couldn’t skate anything else. Nothing else compared to them at all. I have the utmost respect for Pipo Grosso, and highly recommend you check out his absolutely bulletproof, indestructible bindings here.

Up until I started designing the PVTBRD bindings, I was still skating the set of Grosso Bindings that I had for almost 10 years. Grosso Bindings were my go-to binding of choice, and were my favorite binding design of all time.


Grosso ProLink Bindings

I would still recommend them to anybody looking for a long lasting, strong as hell binding. You can buy them here.

When looking at creating PVTBRD bindings, we used the Grosso Bindings was the obvious inspirational starting point.


We didn’t want to copy the Grosso bindings completely, and we also had some ideas of our own. We based our initial design stage around the Grosso Bindings lace-up idea, but with quite a few changes.

Here’s where we’re at so far with this;

Increased Comfort

We wanted PVTBRD Bindings to hold your feet very firmly, but I also wanted them to be amazingly comfortable.

I’ve always found that after being strapped into a board for a while, bindings can tend to hurt your feet. Sometimes bindings can even cut off circulation to your toes, if too tight. I wanted to improve the amount of comfort for our bindings, without sacrificing hold.


Soft Suede for Mega Comfort

We opted for a super soft and flexible suede. I can tell you that after testing the suede for almost 6 months so far, that is an absolute dream as far as comfort.

If other bindings feel like you’re wearing shoes, PVTBRD Bindings feel like you’re wearing just a comfy pair of socks, or slippers. Ultrakush.

Light Weight

In developing White Boards, one of our first priorities was to make the boards lighter (as well as stronger). We had the same goal with PVTBRD Bindings.

Any weight you can lose from our boards adds maneuverability and control when riding, especially when in the air, or when switching tricks in grind combos. Boards must respond quickly to your every move.

When matched up with stability, a light weight stable board is just amazing. White Board riders will definitely testify to this.


Light Weight Polymer Slides

The soft suede materials were a start, so we then went ahead and replaced the buckles with super light nylon polymer slides, that are much lighter with no sacrifice in strength at all.

Increased Stability


Added Extra Lace Loop

We wanted a slightly more stable hold on your foot, so we increased the binding coverage by adding another lace-loop.

This change greatly increased the amount of hold up at the top of your foot, where it most needed to be improved.

Cleaner Lines

I changed the angle of the heel strap, and made it line up with the angle of the laces. This made the lines of the binding is a much cleaner look, and much simpler.


Clean Lines

This change of angle also meant that the heel strap holds down your heel firmer, adding more stability.

2 Simple Set Ups

As we know there’s two types of preferred bindings set-up, we’re going to have two options available.


Simple Contact Set Up

One as a simple contact, baseless binding, for those people like me that like to skate on their toes,with a little flexibility in their heel.

The second option will add a power-strap, for those that like their heel strapped down tight, like a snowboard.


We chose to stitch the suede with upholstery furniture thread. This change meant the area where the suede material is doubled over, is much more stable.


Stronger, More Stable Stitching

This allows you to put your foot in and out of the bindings quickly and easily, as the binding stays straight. It also holds the lacing down in a solid position, with no twisting or unwanted flexibility in that area.

Once again, this stitching also allows for less weight, and a clean look to these bindings.

Shorter Lifespan

My Grosso Bindings had a lifespan of 10 years.

This was absolutely awesome, and they were great. I could even have continued to skate them. I felt that for a sustainable product, this was too long. We could sacrifice some longevity for a great product, that didn’t need such a lengthy lifespan.

We therefore had a design criteria to produce a binding capable of lasting around 18 months to 2 years for even the hardest of pro riders.

Lower Cost

We’re hoping to be able to bring you a binding at a very low price-point. We want to make this sport more affordable, and more accessible to everyone, no matter what your budget.

This is a huge goal of ours here at Take note that our pivotboards are lower priced than any other boards available.


They are made right here in the USA in our own custom built pivotboard workshop, and are the highest quality boards ever made.

White Boards are also lighter, and stronger than any other board out there today.

We keep our profit margins low so that we can supply everyone with products at the lowest price, but the absolute highest quality available, custom made in the USA.



Testing the PVTBRD Stolen Bindings in Serenity Park, Lake Elsinore, CA

We are EXTREMELY stoked with these bindings so far. These latest test models have a very clean, simple look to them. They’re absolutely the most comfortable bindings I have ever skated in my life.

They have the perfect stable hold on your foot while skating.

Your foot won’t move unless you want it to, won’t ever hurt while skating, and your feet feel good once you take them off.

Anyway, so far, so amazingly good for this test binding.

We’ll be back very soon with more news, and hopefully news of them being available in our store.