So firstly, we must’ve lost count on the ‘Quick Tricks’ episodes for some reason.

We must’ve named one or two with the same number somewhere along-the-line.

Anyway, we’ve now hit double digits with Quick Tricks #10, which is awesome.

I usually head out to Palm Springs twice a year, during Spring, and Fall. It’s out in the desert, and so is WAY too hot to go there in the summer.

Even this weekend in May, we had temperatures of over 100 degrees in the middle of the day.  So you have to get out and skate early, or later in the evening.

Palm Springs skate park is one of my favorite skate parks in the world.

It’s been there forever, has a great flow to it, and has a bit of everything there.

Too many skateparks now, go for the ‘Skate Plaza’ look, and have pretty much zero transitions. Either that or they like to hide the bowl away in the corner of the skatepark, separate from the rest of it.

Anyway, Palm Springs has a great park. There’s. Quarterpipe that makes for a great launch ramp to throw some jumps, so it was time to get over my fear of rodeos today.

I haven’t done very many jumps for a while, so it was good to get off the ground for a change.

Anyway, check out this Quick Tricks #10, hope you enjoy it.