I hooked up with Yago Ferrer yesterday for a chilled out after-work session on the flat rail in the Encinitas Skate Plaza.

It was an awesome quick session, just smoothing out some of the classics, working out the bugs, etc, and was perfect for a Quick Tricks episode.

Quick Tricks Episode #2

As you can see from the shot of my board, I pushed my luck a little too far with a frontside lipslide (trying to slide the entire rail and slide it from the very end), and actually hit the edge of my bar on the end of the rail.

It took a pretty big chunk out of the bar, haha!

Check the shot right after Yago Ferrer’s backside feeble -360, where you see the chunk of the board fly off.

I was still able to do the trick, which was awesome.

Stay tuned for more quick trick session videos.