So I went to Palm Springs this weekend, and decided to go on a bit of a trick-hunt.

It’s been around 20 years since I first ever saw Sean Goff (one of the greatest old school vert skateboarders in the world, ever, and a cool as fuck guy) do a Layback Air / Todd Twist. Even though I’ve had Sean Goff and Neil Danns both try to teach them to me, I could never wrap my head around them.

So this weekend, for some reason I got a bug up my ass, and decided it was about time I dragged this one out of the closet, and slayed this relentless old dragon.

There was a decent sized quarterpipe that I could get decent speed for, so I went for it. Okay, so they weren’t that perfect, but, it’s definitely better than I’ve ever done before.

I was pretty happy with the progress made, and will definitely be trying more of these wherever I go, until I have them the way they’re supposed to be done.