You ever heard of a Losi Grind? Just FYI, they’re pretty easy, and feel AWESOME to do. So I figured I’d show you this one.

Been Takin’ a Break

I really don’t get to skate as often as I’d like to. However, if I was 100% honest, for the past month or so I’ve been taking a bit of a skate break.

So sorry for the lack of updates and posts. I’d gotten a little burned out from skating, which happens occasionally.

Consider that I spend an exorbitant amount of time on skating and the project. I occasionally just need a bit of a break from skating altogether.

I still have a job, a family, and work 7 days a week on and business projects.

Anyway, skating can get in the way of progress sometimes, and I need to take a break from it. That is, until the itch I can’t scratch comes back, and I find myself jonesing for a session.

Anyway, today was one of those days.


Happy Mother’s Day!

In fact, it was Mother’s Day, which didn’t really pass my mind until I arrived at the skatepark, to find it completely empty!


Thank you, moms of america, for guilting your kids into staying home on a Sunday,  to do all the things they don’t really want to do, with you.

I really, and truthfully appreciate it! Thanks Mom!

Not only that, it was a beautiful, cool, overcast (my british blood is literally cursing hearing me say this) morning.

Here in Southern California, an overcast cool morning is awesome, as it’s not too hot to skate! This is turning out to be the most perfect skate day, EVER. I scramble with my iPhone calendar to mark off Mother’s Day as yet another perfect day to skate.

If you ever want to go street skating, by the way, the best day to do that, is Christmas Day… oh my god, it’s heaven out there. No security guards, no cops, no traffic, empty parking lots. Absolutely EVERYTHING is deserted.

So next Christmas, instead of being bored as hell at home, get the hell outta the house, skate, and destroy.

So, anyway… …not too hot, absolutely ZERO kids, and the skatepark was my own.

Let’s try Something Different Today

Hadn’t skated in a while, but wanted to do something different, I haven’t done in a while, that not everyone does.

After a few runs, and bowled-corner grinds, I figured I haven’t done any Losi Grinds in a while.

I had the perfect filming environment. Perfect diffused morning light. No kids to get in my way, or in front of the camera. Empty skatepark, means I can just completely focus on this trick with no disturbance. It really was like having my own private outdoor skatepark!

Anyway, the Losi grind.


I never get tired of the way this Rogue Pivotboard looks and rides. Just a beautiful thing.

The Losi Grind

A Losi grind (invented by Allen Losi, back in the 80’s vert days (like almost ALL tricks)), is sometimes referred to as the ‘anti-feeble’. A Losi Grind is very much like a reversed feeble grind, in that the front truck is grinding, back end of the board is sliding on the bar.

So I set to it.

To be honest, I was shocked at how easily this trick came back to me.

I’m gonna stop blabbing on, and let you watch the video. If you want to learn Losi grinds, the video kinda breaks down the progress from starting with a backside Losi stall, to the grind itself.

Hope the video helps you figure this awesome, fun trick out. I had a great session this day, and it feels great to be back skating again, even if it IS only for a couple days a week.

History Lesson – Allen Losi

Here’s a link to great video about Allen Losi, by one of my favorite guys in the world, Jeff Grosso, in an episode of LoveLetters to Skateboarding (an amazing skateboarding youtube channel).

Jeff is one of my favorite all-time skaters, with his no-nonsense, no bullshit, straight talking way.

You won’t hear any shit from Jeff Grosso, he’s a straight talking dude.

I think maybe him and I have more than a little in common, there.

Anyway, check it all out, have a great skate day, and we’ll talk again soon.