Rick and Ron Just Messin’ Around

Rick Lowe and Ron Baez might be the owners of Pivotboard.com, but they really don’t take themselves too seriously AT ALL.

In fact, most of the time, when Rick and Ron are skating, they’re just goofing off, and having a blast, messing around. Sometimes, people aren’t altogether sure how to take them seriously.

After all, isn’t owning your own board company supposed to be a lot of fun? We absolutely love to ride pivotboards, it’s the best part of our lives hands down!

Usually, when Rick and Ron go skating together we edit out the banter, and either mute the sound, or put a soundtrack over the top. This time around we thought it would be a lot of fun to show  just how much fun these guys are having together when they’re out and about.

Rick and Ron in Lake Elsinore, just Messing Around

This short session video, shot at Serenity Park, in Lake Elsinore, you can see just how these guys are just hangin’ out, having a blast, while at the same time, testing out our products, to ensure that we are always making the best boards possible. Ron really gives his boards a beating, each and every time he skates.

Riding pivotboards is a brotherhood, and these two guys are simply having WAY TOO MUCH FUN , it actually gets infectious when you skate with them.

Rick and Ron are just having a blast running this company, infecting the world one skatepark at a time. It doesn’t hurt that they’re a pair of clowns, does it? Hell no, not in my book.