Stolen Bindings

Over the past 18 months or so, we’ve been working really hard to get the next piece of the pivotboard puzzle available for everyone. We needed some bindings to go with our amazing Third Wave pivotboard. We just paired up the Third Wave with the awesome Highland Streetboards Mercury Trucks, and Turunflun Republic wheels. Bindings were simply the next logical progression.

As with everything we’ve ever done, we didn’t just want to throw a product out there, we wanted it to be mind-blowing.

We wanted our bindings to not only hold your feet firmly, but to hold them with the most amazing comfort. I personally hate it when you skate for an hour or two, and your feet hurt afterwards, so it was absolutely essential for us to eliminate that from our boards forever.


So we started working with some amazing, nice soft suede. After testing and changing the design a few times, we were finally able to make this material work, and it feels just great!

These bindings almost feel like you just have shoes on your feet, or just a pair of moccasins.

In my 22 years of riding, I have never felt anything as good as these, and that’s EXACTLY what we were aiming for here.


After at least 7 different design changes, each one going through months and months of testing, to make sure it will live up to our name, we finally got it all right.

Of course, the way it looks is also important. We chose military grade paracord with a 550lb breaking strength for the laces, and of course, because red and black looks awesome.


Clean, Simple, Functional Comfort

These bindings had to have a simple, clean look to them. Otherwsie, they wouldn’t tie in perfectly with the Third Wave. Clean lines, and beautiful simplicity was all we were going for here.

There’s a super comfortable, strong, and flexible 2″ wide heel strap, made from seatbelt webbing, and we all know how strong THAT is (unless, of course, you’ve never been in a car before).

At the back of the binding, there’s a solid steel slide, for the heel strap to slide through. We’ve never broken one yet, and doubt anyone will.


We wanted the binding to last, so we used the best upholstery thread, to make sure those stitches would hold out for a long time, especially under the most abusive skating.

As always, weight was a factor. So this binding is a very light and flexible binding, and a great addition to the Third Wave pivotboard.

We’re beyond stoked to announce that our long awaited Stolen Bindings, are now finally available to buy right here in the store.