Ballistic Bindings

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  1. Made from super comfortable, super-strong ballistic nylon, Ballistic Bindings are the newest product to our line-up.

Ballistic Bindings are a very comfortable binding, but have the firmest hold available today.

Stitched with strong upholstery thread, make for an amazingly comfortable fit, with a firm hold, but no uncomfortable pressure points like other bindings.

Laces make the fit of the binding adjustable, so it forms to fit your feet perfectly with any skate shoe.

No pressure points on your feet from uncomfortable buckles, brackets, rivets, or other attachments.

No more aching feet from uncomfortable bindings.

The laces make the bindings very adjustable, meaning you can have them as tight as you want for maximum hold, or looser, to allow for your foot to lift, if you prefer.

7" brackets either side of the foot, mean no sideways motion of the foot at all. That is, unless you want to set them up for that motion.

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