Rogue Pivotboards Third Wave - Pivotboard / Snakeboard / Streetboard Deck


Rogue Pivotboards Third Wave - Pivotboard / Snakeboard / Streetboard Deck 02

The Third Wave - Deck

The revolutionary deck from White Boards is a game changer.

10 years of research and development has gone into the White Board range of products. We have designed, tested, beaten to death, and redesigned until we were absolutely stoked beyond belief with this board.

We present you with the best board we have ever made, truly worthy of the name 'Third Wave'.

Lightest Board Ever

White Boards are lighter and thinner than any other wooden board made before, yet also stronger. Our decade of research and design testing, has led to the best board we've ever made.

Faster & Better Slides

Our decks have slick both sides, and slide better than ever before.

Advanced Pivot Design

Our new pivot design is lighter than any kingpin / pivot ever, smoother turning, and enables you to flip over the bar and use the other side if you want.

Custom Stances Available

From working with, and talking to many riders from all over the world, we've discovered something... ...not all people are the same. Almost every rider we have spoken to, wants a different stance. So if all riders are different, and all want their own stance, we want to give it to you.

All our boards will now be available in different stances, down to 0.5cm increments, so you can order any stance you need.

We always have 54cm and 55cm available in stock, and ready to ship. Other stances will be custom orders, and take up to 10 days to ship, while we custom cut your bar to the right stance.

Product Specifications:

Stance: 55cm

Bar Width: 9.5"

$129.99 In stock
Brand:White Boards
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