It seems like it’s been a lifetime in waiting.  We’ve been through a lot to bring this to you, but our many years of hard work and determination has finally paid off. I’m now honored to unveil the brand new Third Wave COMPLETE BOARD!


Isn’t She Beautiful?

It’s taken us around 10 years of research and development, testing, and tweaking this product to get here.

A Truly Complete Board

An awesome collaboration between ourselves, and the best Streetboard wheels available on the market today, has made this possible.


Turunflun Awesomeness

We believe here at, that if you’re going to put wheels on a board, don’t let them suck, put something awesome on there. Whilst many other companies will throw on some complete garbage wheels, to make it a complete board, we hate that idea.


So Clean

A great friend of mine, 7 time streetboard world champion Sergi Nicolas, owner of Turunflun Republic wheels, also agreed with this principal, and could see where we were going with this plan.

So we hooked up with Turunflun Republic, to put together this absolute BEAST of a board.

Available NOW in our Store

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