Trial & Error #1

You know how it goes, right? You show up to the skate park, no real intentions of doing anything too wild.

You start out on a warm up session, just getting warmed up, then start a few tricks  you’re working on.

The next thing you know you have a trick stuck between your teeth that you know you can pretty much do. It seems easy enough, although you’ve never done it before.

Trial & Error #1

It all started out seeming so easy, and with every attempt you’re like SOOO close. You get (literally) painfully closer each time, but just aren’t quite happy with it.

Usually (and we always hope this is the case!) , we get the trick eventually, and we are victorious.

You’re almost unaware it was what seemed like 50 attempts, but you have the bruises, aches and pains to prove it. Sweat is pouring off your nose and you’re exhausted, but you got it.

‘Trial & Error’ is dedicated to those sessions that just end up that way, when the camera is rolling.

Send me your videos, or links to your short videos of multiple attempts that result in you pulling the trick to, and I’ll post the good ones.

Thanks for watching!