I haven’t been posting much on here, or on social media lately. this is simply because I’ve been super busy with the big changes and upgrades I’ve been putting in at Pivotboard.com.

Bare with me, I’m putting in a lot of hours, spending a lot of money, as well as trying and testing new ideas, to make the next run of pivotboards, the best ever yet.

New color boards, with screen printed graphics are coming soon. I’ve been spending on tools, to increase manufacturing time, and make my time in the workshop more efficient.

I’ve put together a new screen printing workshop, and have been testing exposure times, to get that going.

I have also been injured with a broken rib, so the skating photos have also been limited to my reduced skating capabilities.

So, each day has been a slow but sure progression towards a better, more efficient, more capable company, due to the recent increase in sales.

Keep watching, The new boards WILL be available VERY soon. Just working on everything behind the scenes, to make that happen.