What’s New for 2018?

As usual, we’ve been working on a lot of things that are new for 2018. We work very hard every single day of the year on this project, so it should come as no surprise that we have a lot of new things to announce this coming year.

We usually keep everything pretty close, until we know that it’s going to happen 100%, and this year is no different.

Rick Lowe on What’s New for 2018

Victims of Our Own Success

In 2017, we were able to finally put together something we had been working on for years. We were finally able to offer a great deal on a totally complete ready-to-ride board that come complete, with decks, trucks, wheels, and bindings. This meant that you no longer had to shop around looking for everything you need to ride, or need to order the board from California, and the rest of the things you need from skate stores, and then bindings from Europe.

We were extremely proud, and VERY excited to finally get this product together. It was SUCH A GREAT DEAL for a cutting edge complete board, also at a great price, and we knew we were onto a winner with this product.

We didn’t, however, anticipate QUITE how popular it would be.

We sold out of all board inventory within just 4 weeks from the product launch!

Yes, we were amazed, and absolutely stoked about that, but had no board inventory to sell anybody. At that point there was  no choice but to shut down our online store, and get to work on making more boards. And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing! We’ve been working super hard, making more boards than EVER before.

We’re putting together more inventory than we’ve ever carried, and growing our brands faster than ever. We’ve been super-slammed busy, working our asses off here at Pivotboard.com, so that we increase productivity, yet still bring you the best boards ever.

Pivotboard School

We got together with SoCal rider, Yago Ferrer, and have working with him on his Pivotboard School here in San Diego.

For a few weeks, we were super busy building boards and binding for his school as well as some free beginner boards for him to teach people on.

pivotboard-school-boards-snakeboard-streetboard5 Boards Ready for Pivotboard School

Yago and our very own Ron Baez have already been out in Mission Beach recently, teaching and spreading the word about Pivotboard. It’s so exciting, and great to be a huge part of such an important movement.

As soon as we have more news on the website and social media pages for the pivotboard school, we’ll let you know how you can sign up for Pivotboard lessons.

The Bad News

This all leads me to the bad news.

Unfortunately, EVEN WITH all the hard work we’ve been doing, we will not have enough inventory to relaunch today.

We will need at least another month or so to get everything together we’ve been planning, but I promise you, we’ve got a HELL of a lot planned for 2018.

So now for the good news…

The Good News

Of course, it’s not ALL bad. Everything here is progressing, and things are going to be better than ever before. We’re going to have more boards than ever, more options, and have some very exciting things we’re doing.

Nothing ever stands still here at Pivotboard.com, we’re constantly challenging ourselves, and figuring out new ways to improve not only our products, but our service.

So we’re starting with the boards themselves.

A New Board Brand

When we launched White Boards back in 2013, it was a spin-off parts brand from another board project we had been working on.

sold-out-pivotboard-streetboard-snakeboardNo More ‘White Boards’

White Boards was a really fun project, and it enabled us to work out some of the bugs we had, and develop the product a a lot. After a while, we were able to put more together, adding trucks, wheels and bearings to the mix, and then finally bindings.

That project has grew much bigger than anticipated and has grown become much more than just parts, especially more recently with the complete board.

For this project to continue to grow and continue to develop, it’s time for a complete rebrand.new=for-2018-rr-pivotboards-snakeboard-streetboard-logoR+R Pivotboards Logo

Therefore, when we relaunch in a month or so, the boards will be released under a brand new for 2018 board brand name, R&R Pivotboards.

New for 2018 Board Graphics

As well as the new brand name, the new board line will have screen-printed graphics on the bar.

Graphics are something we have been unable to offer up until now. But new for 2018, our boards will be screen-printed by hand, in house, right here at Pivotboard.com in California.

We’ll also be able to make boards available in more colors, other than just white. Yet another reason we were outgrowing the name White Boards.

To start out, we will have just one color graphics

Not Just Custom Boards Anymore

With White Boards, no matter what the size of board ordered, the board was custom-cut. It was made to-order, for that rider, when it was ordered.

This meant that the minimum time from ordering a board to shipping was at least a few days. This is while we cut and shape the bar, assembled, and packed the board.

Brand new for 2018, R&R Pivotboards will be available as an ‘off-the-shelf’ model, manufactured at a set stance, available to ship immediately. This allows us to deliver boards much faster, within standard sizes, just like other board brands.

These boards will not be dumbed-down at all.

They will still be the same highest quality, lightest-weight, and made from the same great materials as our custom boards. They will not be mass-produced, made in china, or anything of the sort.

They’ll just be available immediately within 54cm, and 55cm sizes, and possibly more, if demand for other sizes increases.

complete-snakeboard-pivotboardSame Great Boards, Better Options

Custom Boards Still Available

You will also still be able to buy custom stances within 0.5cm increments, just as before. This allows you to buy the custom stance you need for your riding.

So nothing will change here. As before, the custom boards will ship within 10 days of ordering. This give  us enough time to get the custom stance board together for you. Also giving you the ultimate custom pivotboard riding experience.

The more we make custom boards, the more we understand the absolute importance of riding the correct stance for you.

Riding the wrong stance can lead to boards breaking MUCH faster, rider discomfort, and also make some tricks much harder.

Our Bindings are Going Ballistic

After using suede leather for our bindings for almost 2 years now, and producing the most comfortable bindings ever in our Stolen Bindings, we were still not happy.

Testing synthetic ballistic materials, we have been testing a set of bindings that’s lighter, stronger, and as comfortable as the suede. These new bindings also enable you to put your board on your feet faster than ever before.

This is so vastly different to the old bindings, it’s a HUGE step-up from the old material.

new=for-2018-pivotboard-bindings-snakeboard-foot-strapsBallistic Bindings

As usual at Pivotboard.com, we’re improving things every year. New for 2018 we have a brand new model of bindings available. Coming VERY soon in 2018, we’re calling them Ballistic Bindings.

Ballistic Bindings will be available very soon for everyone in our store right here at pivotboard.com!